The Bronx is the poorest urban county in the nation.

As a non-profit partner to the Bronx community, VIP provides a full continuum of social service care to the most vulnerable and typically underserved population. VIP serves approximately 25,000 clients and patients per year through residential care, outpatient counseling, shelter care, medical services, medically-supervised intervention programs, housing, and employment services. Expansion at VIP continues to be ongoing – a reflection of the organization’s desire to meet the needs of residents as they arise. VIP has also been awarded the distinction of a Federally Qualified Health Center.

At the core of its purpose, its reason for being is the ongoing need for VIP to addresses the consequences of extreme poverty.

VIP’s humble beginnings with eight staff providing housing and job training in the church basement have grown to become a full-service agency with almost 300 employees and a full array of critical services. VIP empowers people to take charge of their lives while assisting them in their path to discover self-sufficiency.

The Agency is proud to celebrate 44 years of changing lives and transforming the community.