Our core values drive every aspect of the work that we do. We are:

Mission Driven:  Improving our patients’ and clients’ health and well-being (meaning non-medical factors that affect health) is why VIP was created and why we are here.  Everything we do should be toward achieving our mission.

Person-Centered: The person (patient, client, family, VIP team) is at the center of our decisions and will drive how we do things in as holistic a way as possible.

Compassionate: When we are compassionate, we listen, we ask questions, we try to understand where the person is at, we are culturally sensitive, we are understanding. It will help us achieve our mission.

Respectful: We don’t have to agree with or even like the other person, whether they are a client, a patient or another staff member, but we will always act professionally. It is a way of showing care, concern or consideration.

Data & Quality Informed: Having data about what we do and how well we are doing it is the only way for us to know if we are in fact achieving our mission.  And there is always room for us to do it better, so we will always strive to achieve better quality in everything we do.